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'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. reince priebus is on the warpath again. the rnc chairman who has made bones trying to suppress african-american votes now has a plan to suppress the free media. having waged war on the 15th amendment, the one that gave african-americans the right to vote, he is now batting down the hatches on a free press. priebus's plan, which he described last night is to take control of the republican nominating process, deciding who will be the moderators of the debates, which debates will be authorized and which networks will be allowed to sponsor them. he, reince priebus will henceforth decide who gets to moderate the debates, where they will be permitted and which networks will be given the privilege of sponsoring them. he reince priebus will decide this big push for personal control is consistent with his oversight of a major republican plan to make it harder for minorities, the elderly and young voters to cast ballots. having loaded people down with more document requirements, voter photo i.d. cards and the rest and few opportunit
. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. ask yourself, would abraham lincoln be a republican in 2013? would the man sitting up in that chair yesterday be invited to join the party of the birth errs, nullifiers and talkers of succession? just ask yourself in a lineup of ted cruz, rick perry and michele bachmann, and the great emancipator, who would be the odd man out? the reason the republican party wasn't represented yesterday at the king reunion at the lincoln memorial is that the republican party no more longer represents abraham lincoln. its real leader today would be jefferson davis or george wallace or strom thurmond, or some other character in the long list of null fires and obstructionists and states righters. can you imagine the reaction of tom paul had he been alive at the time of the emancipation proclamation? please don't ask. can you imagine to rick perry's claim that texas has the right to succeed from the unionany time it phil feels like it. the values of abraham lincoln, the belief in a strong federal government, the paramount right of h
. i'm chris matthews in washington. the content of his character. remember that great line in martin luther king's speech? remember how he offered the hope that his four little children as he put it would some day be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character? have we reached that day? have we? is that how people of color are judged today? is that how the president of the united states has been judged? by the content of his character? i wish. you may wish. he must wish. barack obama the man has led a remarkable life. he excelled in school. he climbed to the ivy league and made editor of the harvard law review in a blind test that has nothing to do with affirmative action. nothing. he has led an unblemished life, has been a solid faithful husband, a loving caring father to his daughters. his political flaw is that he spends too many evenings with his family and not enough time caging and winning over the follow politicians. he's too much the stay at home husband. and what has been the judgment of the right wing? have they said a single word of good abo
into every issue in washington right now but she is really putting herself in front of a lot of these issues. she did at the bar association. she said there she is going to give a speech on the nsa debate right now. correct, which is really interesting, given that in 2008, the primary was lost in part because of the left's upset with her vote for the iraq war. the nsa is an issue liberals are very unhappy about and the base of her party is unhappy about. i am surprised that she is getting out there ahead of things as much as she is. >> and very forward looking. >> correct. >> she could easily go in and reminisce about being first lady or talk about her tenure as secretary of state. hey governor, i want to ask you the $64,000 question. here it is. how much are these movements across the country by the gop precipitated by census data pertaining to what's to come in this country in 2050 when whites become a minority as a group of the population? >> i think a lot of it's being driven by that. by the way, you're showing your age. no one under 35 knows what the $64,000 question was. but you're abs
.s. government to a halt and confront republican leaders in washington with its ultimatum. those worried leaders do as they're told to kill obama care even if that means shutting down the federal government or else. fueling this is the right-wing base of the country that now commands the fears of republican congressmen far more than anything the weak john boehner can say or do or pretend to do or hope to do. here is a town hall meeting held by robert pettinger. pay close attention to who's calling the attention here. does this guy look anything like john boehner? even a little? >> real quick, easy question. this is what the tea party wants to know. will you vote with mike lee to defund obama care? yes or no? >> a thoughtful answer? >> i want yes or no. >> no. >> if any republican votes against it, does not get funded. that's a fact. >> it has to be signed by the president of the united states. >> will you make a stand -- >> shut down the government. >> do you think harry reid is going to pass that in the senate? >> it doesn't matter. >> we need to show the american people we stand for conservati
matthews. washington, let me start tonight with this. the wild right is readying its attack. the ted cruz wing is about to make its run for an historic takeover in the party in which it has made its home. each day, the far right is building his strength to bring government to a halt and confront washington with an ultimatum. if the worried leaders do as they're told and kill obama care, even if it means killing the government or else. fueling this is the right-wing base of the country that now commands the fears of gop congressmen far more than anything the weak john boehner can say or do or pretend to do. here is a town hall meeting held by robert pettinger. does this guy look anything like john boehner? even a little? >> real quick, easy question. this is what the tea party wants to know. will you vote with mike lee to -- and meadows here, to defund obama care? yes or no? >> a thoughtful answer? >> yes or no? >> no. >> if any republican votes against it, does not get funded. that's a fact. >> it has to be signed by the united states. >> will you make a stand -- >> shut down the governme
contributing to the long lines and the voter frustration. joining me now, "the washington post's" pulitzer prize-winning columnist eugene robinson and republican strategist rick tyler> gene, what would be your response to senator paul when he says show me the objective evidence of disenfranchisement? >> well, i'd say the evidence is pretty evident. there is that m.i.t. study about how long minorities had to wait to vote as opposed to whites. you already have a system that puts added burdens on minorities who would like to vote. then you add on top of that voter i.d. requirements, which we know are going to disproportionately affect minorities, and you end up with i think plenty of evidence that these laws have the effect if not the intent of turning african-americans away from the polls. >> gene, when i say to folks this is a solution in search of a problem, they often respond to me by saying how do you know there's not more fraud taking place but people are getting away with it? you can't prove it if they're getting away with it. >> well, no, but you'd think this they get caught every onc
"hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews back in washington. in the news tonight, hillary clinton way ahead of schedule. suddenly it's as if she's the next president, even if barack obama is still president. but wait. wait a minute. it wasn't supposed to be like this. the hillary bandwagon wasn't set to rumble till after the 2014 elections, till the hillary forces were fully organized and ready to make their kick. why suddenly does it feel like she's in the driver's seat? well, people are either positioning themselves already for a role in hillary's government or acting to lock in positions they have with either her or the few people she would give authority to hire for her. why does it feel like the train has already left the station? what does this mean for the other side? if the republicans are also looking for jobs in 2016 and need to win to get those jobs, if they see her on the move already, does that mean they're more likely to push a candidate who actually has a good chance of boxing her out for the center? those people in the middle politically? in other words, new jersey
in washington. there's news tonight that some on the american right are plotting the global explosion of a default on the u.s. national debt this fall. the plot is the to tie the regular vote to extend the debt skeel together obliteration of the affordable care act. according to the plans leaked to right leaning news organizations, any measure to finance the health care act would detonate refusal to make good on american debt, the first time this has happened in this country's history. the repercussions of which could explode the world economic order. do the leaders of the republican party intend to go this far? do they dare to sabotage the american economy and much of the world economy in order to defund a program, the affordable care act that is the law of the land? will they go to this drastic extreme to intimidate the u.s. congress or the president or both? and if so, is this the extreme case where ideological zealotry trumps even the most preliminarial loyalty to the common national interests where anything goes, where the ends justify whatever means there are to be had no matter
>>> bread line for the right. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm kris matthews in washington. he has done it to damascus, now he is doing it here. president obama today drew a red line here at home. any republican who tries to bring this country into the default, fails to pay interest on the national debt is the enemy. there will be no deals, the president says, no talks, no schmoozes, no bedtime stories, no nothing. you are cut off. america will pay its debts. it will not default. it will not destroy its credit in the world. and you can threaten. you can scream and yell, but the united states government will not fail in the bankruptcy because of this economic terrorism you on the right purport to be a political philosophy. well, the secretary of the treasury said it less dramatically this morning, but said it just as clearly. any attempt by the right wing to threaten this country with national default will be met with the strongest response, no deals. bashar al assad in damascus, but against those in this country who would jeopardize the country's financial strength. joining
"hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with this. it's about killing people. when all the words are spoken, the conversation about needing to enforce a red line to protect an international norm, any decision by president obama to bomb syria will kill people. it will kill the guys working the night shift, people just doing their jobs to put food on their family tables. daddy who went to work that morning will not be coming home because of what this president decides to do. the assad family will be okay, of course. the designers of that vogue magazine spread won't be anguished by this sight of this thoroughly western family lying on the floor. no. the people who will die in an american cruise missile attack will be the working, praying, little family people whose husbands do the cut work. war sucks, even in neat little bite-sized act of war like the one that might come any day now. and yet, and yet, how do we avoid this flagrant reality if we don't? those deciding in tehran right now whether to build a nuclear bomb are looking to see what the people in w
, as it turns out, nixon was also rooting for the other side, the washington redskins who lost to the dolphins in super bowl vii. the rest of the beltway crowd either supported the redskins skins or waffled on the issue. just take a look at this coverage from the day before that big game in january of 1973, there wasn't a single dolphins fan. >> among those 75 million spectators will be one president of the united states and many members of congress and other washington figures. we asked them to talk about the super bowl and here's what they said. >> who's going to win the big game, senator. >> it's a tossup. >> well, the retd skins. >> what's your prediction, senator. >> on what? >> going to be a great game, great game. >> i don't like to jinx the redskins but i thinked redskins are going to win. >> i'm for the over the hill game. >> the redskins are going to win the big game. >> the better team will win. >> which is going to be the better team? >> the one who gets the most points. >> the redskins, of course. >> the redskins. >> why? >> because they have more crash worthy request. >> >> the r
. not a right wing one. and the washington examiner a bit to the right of that with news stories saying people on the republican right are planning to step back from a government shutdown but to proceed to an escalation, defaulting on the national debt. that would be their threat. they would cut off if they could. and therefore of course default. what do you think of this? >> bad to worse, chris. i don't know. if you thought that holding the debt ceiling hostage was a bad idea, if you thought a continuing resolution holding that hostage was a bad idea, you'll hate this one. republican elders said we cannot hold the country hostage, we can't hold the budget hostage on defunding obama care. it's never going to work. the debt ceiling is an even worse idea. as the national review reported, house leadership is engaged in political wink wink kabuki theater where they have to entertain every single harebrained idea that the right flank has to placate them. the question is, at the end of the day, can they bring them back from the brink. i think over the bush tax cuts and plan b, we saw john boehner co
to the days when if you're willing to work hard you can succeed, that should be washington's highest priority. that should be washington's highest priority. that's joe's highest priority. that's bob casey's highest priority. that's my highest priority. that's what we should be focused on every single day. but we do have a problem, which is we've got some of our friends down in washington who, and you know, it's not all republicans. but there's a strong faction. who instead of focusing on what's helping middle class families succeed, they're spending time arguing about whether or not we should be paying the bills for things we already spend money on. they're threatening to shut down the government and have another financial crisis unless, for example, we get rid of the health care reform that we fought to pass and that's going to provide millions of people health care security for the first time. that won't create jobs. that's not going to help our economy. that doesn't strengthen the middle class. i have not seen a policy coming out of them that would actually help ordinary folks. and we can'
, let's play "hardball \s>>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. a dozen years ago this month, the united states of america received a sharp warning. bin laden. determined to strike in u.s. that message was delivered to the president directly. a month later this country was hit harder than at any time since pearl harbor. but without blaming george w. bush for failing to act sufficiently to that warning an of august 6th, 2001, should anyone blame this president and his people for acting in time this time? joining me tonight from cairo, nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel and with us from new york, msnbc terrorist analyst governor coleman. nbc is reporting now the interrogation behind the worldwide terrorist alert this week was an intercepted communication between the leader an of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the leader of al qaeda central over in pakistan. the man who succeeded osama bin laden zawahiri. the two men reportedly agreed that they wanted to do something big. timed to the end of the muslim holy month of
to their control of the house. nationally, it's a different story. jonathan allen is the senior washington correspondent with politico. sam stein is an msnbc contributor with ""huffington post"." jonathan, that piece created quite a buzz today. i said to myself what's on the verge of extinction really is the establishment of the republican party. >> that's right, michael. my colleagues jim vandehei and mike allen did a very good job i think today of reporting the really as they put it more rose morose mood among the establishment in washington. you've got a couple of factors here. number one, the social issue set in which the republican party has essentially alienated a lot of voters whether you're talking about hispanic voters, black voter, female voters. and then on the sort of basic issues of governance, you have a party that is threatening to shut down the government so that it can defund obama care. the establishment doesn't like that. certainly a lot of voices in the party want to see it or just shut down the government for the purpose of shutting down on the government or let the na
. >>> weiner schnitzal. let's play "hardball." ♪ >> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start -- this story amazes me. i've worked in politics for a long time, and that said, i've never stuff like this that's coming out just tonight and i think in politics, left right and crazy and never heard stuff like this coming out of the weiner operation. it is unbelievable. we'll try to explain the lingo coming out of the campaign as it crashes and falls apparently. what people are talking about, the language they're using, i've heard bad language. this is just lightning years ahead of it. the american politics does have a measure of true nobility. we all know that, certainly at times. you have to judge tonight for yourself when you think of this latest stuff coming from inside the weiner operation. howard fineman joins me in this incredible fest. i don't know what it is. he's a "huffington post" media leader and maggie haberman, senior political reporter from politico. maggie, at some point we just have to laugh. i refuse to give in to this as a tragedy. i know it has tragic elem
"hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with this. it's a ghastly story, more ghastly than most can imagine. three women kept captive in the dark for over a decade, again and again raped, chained to walls. they escaped this may after one of the captive women broke through a storm door on that street and flagged down a neighbor. well, today the monster who did this, ariel castro, was sentenced to life in prison, plus a thousand years. he had pled guilty to 937 counts of rape, kidnapping and murder. he will never be a free man. but the staggering moment came today when one of the three victims, michelle knight, spoke about the horror of the basement, the horror of the monster who kept her there and used her. >> i missed my son every day. i wondered if i was ever going to see him again. he was only 2 1/2 years old. when i was tooken. i cried every night. i was so alone. i worried about what would happen to me and the other girls every day. the days never got shorter. days turned into nights, nights turned into days. years turned into eternity. i knew nobody
. not only that, he really demonstrates what is wrong with washington, the gridlock, the obstruction, the very clearly saying in his own words our number one goal is to try and defeat president obama. that was his stated policy goal. and so i think a lot of voters have just had it with washington as usual. and there is no one really who demonstrates washington as usual as much as mitch mcconnell. the fact that his own campaign manager can't get excited about him is really a symptom rather than a cause of where his troubles are going to be. >> sam stein, you are mitch mcconnell. i know this is a stretch for you. but i want you to put yourself into his mind and body. must you now fire this guy? >> no. you can't fire this guy. part of the reason that jesse benton was brought over to run the mitch mcconnell campaign was to give him the type of cache with the rand paul, ron paul crowd. he's ron paul's son-in-law. this is not someone you can easily toss to the side and dismiss because you risk offending a great swath of primary republican voters. thing is the most damaging thing to ever ha
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 80 (some duplicates have been removed)